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dress code

 Alpha Veterans is a for-profit company. One of our values is to work for our success, so our perception through donations is different.
Our perception, via donations, is under the concept of selling goods. So all our goods sold on our site have an important price, to respect the idea of the donation and also our different perception.
In addition, you participate in our mission to continue to serve Canada.

dresscode front line.png
front line

Front line : the dress code for physical activity.

represents the physical side at the front, ready to work and sweat.


mercenary : the dress code for all activity professional and social.

represents an outfit for daily, relax and clean.


parade: dress code for ceremonial activities and business meetings.

represents the ceremonial aspect of the army, when it is necessary to dress clean.

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First Line Ammo

first line ammo

alpha veterans supports also "joe kit". here, we have what we call the section first line ammo. these articles will be useful and practical from far or close up, for the alpha veterans.