Our mission

Alpha Veterans mission is to grow an independent organization, which aims to create a resource bank for Veterans who present any problem, and who are looking for help, such as administration.

- trotherapist - social club - athlete sponsorship - employer

Our mission is above all to become a reference who can reach veterans successfully in their daily lives.

We want to build this organization with the veterans and their personal experiences. Alpha Veteran is the next generation of veterans in our society. There is still a problem and a growing demand for service in Veteran Society to this day. Alpha Vétérans is proud to offer a new image of a veteran and his place in society.

- Réseaux d'officier d'entraide pour membres des FAC,ACC.
- Demande commercial Générale avec ''Les Services A-Vet''
- Pour joindre notre équipe et continuer a service le canada et sont peuple.

Service Officer Networks for CAF Members, VAC. / General commercial request with "Les Services A-Vet" / To join our team and continue to service Canada and its people.

The intention is towards your independent Global Health. Blue cross provider available to treat your Physical and Mental Health.

A-Vet Therapist Networks

- Service Peak Tactics

- HRD2KiLL Program
-Infrastructure Networks

Performance / Spirituality with Peak Tactics - Fitness / '' Super-dad '' with HRD2KILL Program - Our Structural Networks Validate A-Vet Way of Life

Relevant Options of Natural tools that are compatible with the human body, a conscious brain and a healthy social life.

- System Education

- Endo-Cannabinoid

- Assistance dog

- Equitherapy / Zootherapy

Service Officer Networks for CAF Members, VAC. / General commercial request with "Les Services A-Vet" / To join our team and continue to service Canada and its people.

Admin - B2B - Join A-Vet Team

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A-vet event

Our goal is to offer all our services and SEO in the form of an interactive show. With these events, we want to recall the brotherhood and the sense of unity that our service to the Forces has brought us.

In addition, we want to offer support to any organization that is established either for or by veterans a chance to be heard in the community.

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social club

veteran canada club social de moto

The mission of this group is to create a community of individuals, both veteran and active member with a background of diverse experiences, who help each other by offering a platform to create networks, and the opportunity for all to be in contact with their peers across the country and even abroad.

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vétérans fac/caf canada

Veterans FAC / CAF Canada is a group of Canadian veterans made up of former and serving military personnel. The goal of our organization is to bring the men and women (who have put on the uniform) out of isolation and give them the chance to interact with their brothers in arms. you are welcome to join us. Welcome home!


Our mission is to enable former military leaders to realize their full potential in the marketplace, through our shared values, teamwork, mentorship and the connectivity of our network. Given our mission, membership in the Treble Victor Group is restricted to those who have served in the military. We welcome men and women from all parts of the Canadian Armed Forces, including the Army, Navy and Air Force, as well as those who have served in the international armed forces. All ranks are welcome and there is no minimum service requirement. However, we do require that you be referred by an existing member of the group.

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